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Striving for




School Safety

At Listerdale Junior Academy keeping you, our pupils safe is our number one priority. It is our special job to keep you safe and to look after your welfare. We will look after you and listen to you if you have a problem and sometimes, we’ll ask other adults for help if we need to.

  • We respect all the children who come to Listerdale as unique individuals, and we do not tolerate bullying.
  • We have different channels of communication around school and in classrooms such as worry monsters or a worry jar to help you tell us when something is wrong or causing you worry at school, in the community or at home.
  • There are posters and photographs of adults around school showing you who can help when something is wrong.
  • We make sure you are safe in school by keeping a special eye on you and our lovely building. This means we supervise you at break times, lunch times, during clubs etc
  • All your teachers and adults in school are checked out to make sure they are friendly, helpful and caring to make you feel safe.
  • We make sure you are safe on school trips by having lots of adults with you and visiting before you go to make sure it is a safe place for you. 
Below is some information for you to look at about how you can keep yourself safe. Click on the links to take you to the websites.
If you are ever worried about anything you can always tell someone at school, and we will do everything we can to help you.

                                        Other Links 
If you need extra help or want someone to talk to click on the links below