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School Council

Why is it important to have a School Council?

At Listerdale, we believe that a school council is a vital part of the educational experience for many young people. Having a school council promotes pupil voice and empowers pupils to take an active role and be involved in decision-making processes. Pupils have a right to share their thoughts and feelings about their school life and learning environment, and the school council gives children the platform to do this.

What does a School Councillor do?

The roles and responsibilities school councillors must fulfil include:

  • Attending school council meetings and taking part in discussions.
  • Keeping their classes informed and also gathering their views.
  • Being proactive in identifying and sharing ways to improve school life.
  • Getting involved in projects and events.

Meet our Listerdale School Council 2023-2024

School Councillors have been voted by their peers to represent their class and this is carried out through a democratic vote at the start of each academic school year, demonstrating democracy in action.  Each year group has two representatives on the school council.


School Council in Action!

The school council 'mind mapping for change' and thinking about what they would like to improve in our school.


Our Y6 councillors selling poppies for Remembrance Day during the month of November.


The councillors worked alongside Mr Sills to purchase playground equipment for all pupils to access and use during breaktimes. FOLS helped us to raise money for this equipment by arranging a non-uniform day. 



Our councillors spent some time making important decisions about the books they'd like to see on the bookshelves after gathering views from their peers.


We now have a fantastic selection of books for all our pupils to access!

Our school councillors are very proud of the gazebo we now have on the school playground. School councilllors wanted a space for all children to be able to go and relax away from the busyness of breaktimes, and now they have just that! They have been working together to think of ways to make sure the gazebo is used to its full potential.