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Music at Listerdale


Music at Listerdale plays a key role in the education and enrichment of the children. Children follow the National curriculum where the love of music is inspired and skills are developed progressively year on year. Children at Listerdale have the opportunity to enjoy music and are taught through lessons that inspire fun and creativity. We teach the children high quality music lessons which develops their love and appreciation of musical styles across the continents and history. Children at Listerdale have the opportunity to listen to and appraise various styles of music as well as perform music, both created and learned, in a variety of different contexts. Children at Listerdale are encouraged to become passionate in their awareness and appreciation of music and given the opportunity to develop their own imaginative and creative approaches to creating and engaging in music. At Listerdale we offer the opportunity for children to sing, play instruments, compose and appreciate a variety of different musical styles, helping them to increase their self confidence and achievement. Music at Listerdale helps the children to develop positive attitudes and experience satisfaction.



* Children in the EYFS are taught music through the Expressive Art and Design section of the Foundation Stage curriculum. They are given the opportunities to play untuned instruments both structured and creatively, encouraging their exploration and enjoyment of music . The children sing a variety of songs and perform to each other and wider audiences on a regular basis. The children in the EYFS are exposed to a variety of different musical styles and are taught to express their views of what they hear.

* Children at Listerdale follow the ACET curriculum which is tailored for the children to learn skills and knowledge which are progressively developed to increase their musical abilities and appreciation.

* High quality lessons are taught regularly to give the children the opportunity to embed newly developed skills and build upon previously developed skills in listening, playing, singing, composing, performing and appraising.

* Children are given opportunities to play a variety of instruments both tuned and untuned percussion either as part of the whole class lesson or in bespoke music lessons.

* Children are given the opportunities to listen to live music played by either professionals or their musical peers.

* Children regularly have the opportunity to perform their music either within their class or to wider school community audiences and parents.

* Children listen to and appraise music from a variety of different cultures, historical genre, styles and traditions.

* Music at Listerdale is supported by the Rotherham Music Hub where advice is sought to constantly enrich the music education at Listerdale.

* Children at Listerdale are regularly assessed through lessons and events which help them to develop their skills and build upon their musical abilities.



Following a varied programme at Listerdale will help the children to discover their strengths within music as well as highlighting areas where they need to develop and improve upon. The musical programme available will help the learners to create a rich palette from which to access abilities such as self confidence, awareness of others, interaction and reflection. The children will learn knowledge about a variety of cultures and customs across the world which will help them to develop understanding and tolerance of others. Learning music at Listerdale will allow the children to develop their enjoyment of music as listeners, creators and performers. They will show good progress over time and leave the school with at least good related expectations. Children at Listerdale will be prepared to further develop their understanding of musical culture and their skills at a more advanced level.


Children from Listerdale choir have been involved in this years Young Voices. They had an amazing night singing with lots of other schools at the event. 

Children enjoy being involved in music all across school