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History at Listerdale


At Listerdale Junior Academy, our intent is to produce a high-quality history education for all learners to allow them to become critical thinkers who have the ability to investigate, ask questions, weigh evidence and review events of the past. Our curriculum is filled with topics about the history of Britain as well as the wider world, which supports our aim to develop children’s chronological understanding as well as the skills and knowledge needed to develop into informed and thoughtful citizens.

In history, pupils will gain an understanding of the complexity of people’s lives, the process of change and also the diversity of societies and relationships between different groups, as well as their own identity and the challenges of their time. Learning is fun, stimulating, challenging and thought-provoking. This enables learners to make exceptional progress through all key stages.


History in the foundation stages is taught through the ‘Understanding the World’ strand of the EYFS curriculum. In our nursery, the children participate in discussions about themselves and their families and are introduced to language that relates to the past and present. This is built on in FS2, where children make connections between their families, draw on their own experiences and what they did in the past and learn about people and events from the past. The key skills stated in the curriculum goals and the focus on communicating effectively and developing new language and vocabulary ensures our pupils are prepared for the next stage of their history education. Within KS1 and KS2, the key knowledge, skills and vocabulary of each unit builds progressively across year groups, allowing children to build on and embed prior learning and make links across units. Where possible, cross-curricular links are also made – this includes using our History within our English writing or making links in Maths. Tasks are selected and designed to provide an appropriate challenge for all learners. Lessons are engaging and include a variety of teaching styles and tasks to ensure pupils are motivated. When possible, children use their love of reading to research and deepen their understanding. They are taught to show respect for events and people from the past and how they have shaped the world we live in.

Throughout their study of the past, our children increase their substantive knowledge. This is the subject knowledge and explicit vocabulary used about the past. This is learning about people, places, events and changes.

When learning History, children also increase their disciplinary knowledge; this is the use of that knowledge and how our children construct understanding through historical claims, arguments and accounts. We call it ‘working historically’ and may involve significance, evidence, continuity and change, cause and consequence, historical perspective and contextual interpretation.


The impact of successful teaching and learning in history is shown through outcomes in our pupils’ books. Within these books there will be evidence of a broad and balanced curriculum that demonstrates children’s knowledge and understanding. The pupils' work from History will be regularly displayed and shared throughout school or via the academy Facebook page and website. The pupils will show curiosity and love for history, and they will be eager to share what they have learnt with others in a positive and inspiring manner.



Each year, Listerdale pupils will have opportunities for educational visits to extend their knowledge and understanding of history. We value these experiences because they help consolidate what the children already know, and it brings their learning to life! Listerdale pupils always come back from their visits inspired and inquisitive, wanting to learn more!

We also have had external visitors to the school who provide immersive experiences that enhance our pupils learning of history.

Y5 'Tudors' Visit to Gainsbrough Old Hall. 


Y4 'Romans' Trip to Murton Park.


Y6 WW2 Day in school.

Local History Day

This year pupils at Listerdale Junior Academy had an opportunity to study their local history. We value local History at Listerdale Junior Academy because it develops our pupils' relationship with their local community, knowledge of the traditions and history, and it adds a local dimension to national and international events. 

Our pupils had opportunities to explore questions through direct engagement with historical sources focusing on different themes.

We explored the history of our wider local area (Sheffield/Rotherham), looking at significant people and events. KS1 studied significant local people, Year 1 studied Lydia Monks, Illustrator of well known children's books, and Year 2 studied Arthur Wharton, the first black professional footballer in the world during his time, and he played for Rotherham United!

Year 3 and Year 4 looked at significant local events. Year 3 studied the Battle of Orgreave (1984 Miners Strike) and Y4 researched Temple borough steelworks.

Y5 and Y6 researched significant local people and their influence in the steelworks. Y5 studied Harry Brearley and Y6 researched Benjamin Huntsman.

We also researched the history of our school and immediate local area, Listerdale and Wickersley!

We found this very interesting. Year 1 and Year 2 looked at changes in Listerdale through time. Year 3 studied industry and the old quarries of Wickersley. Year 4 and Year 5 studied the significance of Joe Lister, the man who built affordable housing in Listerdale in the 1920s. Year 6, having studied WW2 had an opportunity to delve further into World War 2 Britain in our own locality.

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