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Striving for





Attendance and punctuality are extremely important at Listerdale Junior Academy. 

We believe it is vital that children are in school, and learning, as much as they possibly can be.  Children with  OUTSTANDING ATTENDANCE are able to participate in, and benefit from, the wonderful learning, events and activities provided by our school; what we would like for every single one of our pupils!

Please see the diagram for details of what attendance percentages mean to us.  If a child’s attendance drops below 90% we may ask the Academy Education Welfare Officer, to support the family.

We understand that from time to time children need to be absent from school, but we ask that parents/carers contact school before 9am to let us know that your child is absent and why.  We are able to administer prescribed medicines in school so if this is required, please bring the medicines into the school office and fill out the permission form to allow us to do this.



Being on time is really important to your child; every morning the class teacher explains what is going to happen during that day so even if your child misses just a few minutes, they may miss some very important information. Additionally, learning starts the minute the children enter class each day and if your child is late they could miss the beginning of the lesson where the teacher explains what they need to do and gives the key learning points for the rest of the session. 


Getting into the habit of being punctual at school is a good life lesson. Good timekeeping is a requirement for most employers and is usually listed as a requirement for employees, so by ensuring your child learns to be on time, you are not only helping them make the most of school, but also helping them with their future job prospects.

Celebrating Attendance 

Each week the Key Stage 1 (FS2 to Y2) and Key Stage 2 (Y3 to Y6) classes with the highest attendance are presented with a trophy to celebrate their achievement. All classes are informed of their attendance.


This is a way of working in Rotherham between schools, the Local Authority, and families when school attendance is an issue. The School Attendance Matters Pathway requires schools to offer support through the Early Help Assessment and send a series of letters to parents if attendance does not improve. Enforcement will only happen in Rotherham if the School Attendance Matters Pathway has been followed appropriately. If parents and carers refuse support, the School Attendance Matters Pathway must still be followed.